WOMENBOX is a vibe-conscious, people-powered environment for those that want to be better and do differently. boxing is just our cover.

everyone deserves to live fully, presently, and purposefully. in order to do so we need the right spaces to grow into our highest self. 


for many of us journeying into fitness was the first venture into taking our well-being more seriously. even if we didn’t know it then, we needed more than a workout; we needed something to lead us into who we didn’t know we could become.


transformation is tough but we know it’s achievable. that’s why we created a space for you to repurpose boxing as a tool for your own self-project. 


our style of training fuels this pursuit, and it just so happens that a community of women do it together.



10+ years boxing & coaching

NASM trainer

ACE sports conditioning specialist

I started boxing as a way to shake up my routine and do something different. I had no idea my experience would draw out who I was all along: a strong, confident person that can defy expectations and push past limitations.

I wanted other women to have this same incredible experience.  So when I became a coach and didn't see as many women in the gym as I would've liked, I knew I needed to create a space that would be welcoming but not patronizing, and a workout that was accessible but not watered-down.

My favorite part of coaching is when clients surprise themselves: when you do the push-up on your toes you never thought you could; when you master the punch you've been practicing over and over again; when you notice how you've been speaking up on the job; when you say how much better you've been taking care of yourself since doing womenbox.

This is truly what womenbox is all about: being better, doing differently, and growing into your highest self.

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WOMENBOX is a heart-pounding, motivating boxing & circuit training workout. sweat with us in rockville, maryland.

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